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The Algoneer project was founded by me in August 2021, during the 2021 cryptocurrency bull run. At the time I was invested in Algorand and needed a web development project that would allow me to expand/update my skillset. It ended up being a great learning experience and exactly what I needed as a reintroduction into professional web development.....

Pax Somnius
Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python, Algorand pySDK, Purestake API, Route 53, Git, GitHub.

I was able to learn a lot about the Algorand blockchain, and how to use the Algorand API to create a web application that would allow users to interact with the blockchain, React, Django, Python, server security, deploying an app production, scaling an API, and much more, all of these skills were developed during this project, I'm ashamed to admit I actually had never used Python before this project and my web dev skills stopped at the frontend.

Now, 24/11/22, I am aiming to become a full stack Data Scientist whipping up AI models, and deploying them at scale, but I will always remember my humble reintroduction to web development and the Algoneer project.

Video Doc - Algoneer Project Overview

Landing Page


The Algoneer landing page is a standard corp landing, made from a heavily modified template, using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and is hosted on a AWS Cloudformation stack.

AGNR Token

The AGNR token is a standard ASA token. minted on the Algorand blockchain with a total supply of 10 million, and a decimal precision of 3, the token was initially ment to be a low supply store of value on the algorand blockchain. The reserve account, which holds all of the AGNR reserves, is a 7/10 multisig offline account its private keys have never been housed on an online computer and are physically scattered throughout the world, dragonball style.

Community is the Whale!

In Algoneers early days I decided to air drop tokens to any and everyone who wanted them, I made this script to AirDrop 3 million agnr tokens, as doing them manually was just not feasible. The script is written in python, and uses the py-algorand-sdk to interact with the algorand blockchain. The script is open source, and can be found on my github.

Social Media

In the world of cryptocurrency a strong social media presence is a requirement, Algoneers consist of a discord server, a twitter account, and a reddit group.


The discord server is the main hub of the community, and is where most of the discussion takes place. The twitter account is used to post updates, and the Reddit group is used for updates/discussions.

LP Rewards Script | Python

Fast forward to Feb 2022, Cryptocurrency market is still white hot, Algostake has just launched and the AGNR community is asking for an AGNR LP staking rewards solution!

Liquidity Pool Rewards Incoming

So I whipped up a python script that searches the entire Algorand blockchain for every account that holds AGNR/ALGO LP tokens, calculates the amount of AGNR rewards that should be distributed to that account, algorithm = 100k per year total = 273 per day | 273/total amount of LP tokens outstanding = Reward per LP token * Total LP tokens held by account. Then it sends the calculated LP rewards to the account. LP rewards are like interest for a savings account, but instead of interest you get AGNR tokens.

DAPPS | Sagattarius A | Metabet

It's March 2022 and the AGNR community is patiently waiting for DAPP release, and boom we launch Metabet the AGNR price spikes .06c and the community is ecstatic! Everyone is happy people are betting and dropping suggestions for new features, and the community is growing. We then pivot all of our resources to Sagittarus A, at that point the Algorands 1st transaction mixer, and launched V1 in July 2022.


So that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed this little AGNR reflection, I will be updating this as we progress, and I will be posting more updates on the discord server. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me, I am always open to feedback, suggestions, job offers.

PS: There is a lot more information available on their respective project pages!

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